Pest Control in a Restaurant

Aside from food, there are many leftovers in a restaurant. These leftovers must be properly disposed of to avoid attracting cockroaches and rodents. A major concern in food and restaurant business is the existence of cockroaches, mice, mouse and other pests that may affect the health of the customers and employees as well. Presence of pests can greatly push away existing customers and may give you a failing mark from health department. It is very vital for restaurants and other food business to regularly seek pest control services and maintain a pest-free business.

Aside from calling professional help, you can also follow the steps to eliminate the pests in your restaurant:

  • Inspection. This is the first step wherein you should know where the pests are hiding and traveling. This can help you focus on areas where you should apply pesticides. Look for possible hideouts and shelter by searching signs such as feces, eggs, and cast skins. Flies, roaches and rodents usually leave signs of infestations. Check garbage cans, floor drains, wall voids, sinks, kitchen equipments, and electrical outlets and boxes. Inspect also appliances with holes and tables and chairs with cracks as they can also be possible shelter for rodents, roaches and other pests. Put traps and glue boards in problem areas. This can help you identify what pests are in your restaurant.
  • Proper sanitation. This is the most important for any pest control. Regularly clean garbage cans, floors, sinks, kitchen surfaces and equipment and other part of the restaurant that is prone to dirt. These ares can be infested by pests if left uncleaned and unchecked.
  • The last step is the exclusion wherein you will prevent pests from infesting your restaurant before they can pose big problems. Make sure you seal your establishment, close any openings and keep doors and windows closed all the time. Apply also preventive measures outside the building to avoid pests near your restaurant. To hire a professional pest controlĀ visit web site in this link.

The three common pests that may pose danger in any restaurant and food business are roaches, flies and rodents. Below are things to consider in eliminating these three common pests.

How to eliminate cockroaches in your restaurant:

If you want to eliminate cockroaches, focus on the wall holes, crevices, and cracks because it is where they usually frequent and hide. You might want to use insecticides or cockroach bait or combination of both.

  • Look for roach feces and put roach baits on the affected areas.
  • Apply insecticides on areas where cockroaches are seen, apply insect sprays or foams o cracks, holes and crevices and under furniture like sofas, bed and cabinets. Dishwashers and area behind the stove are also shelter for cockroaches.

How to get rid of flies in your restaurant:

Controlling flies is very difficult because they usually go inside your establishment during supply delivery, garbage throwing or when customer is entering your premise. Like with any other pest control, proper sanitation is the answer to issues regarding flies. Ensure that all areas are clean and remove breeding sites of flies to completely eliminate them.

  • Sealed trash cans, floor and surface tiles, sink, areas under and behind furniture and equipments.
  • There are different kinds of flies; they are the fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies, vinegar flies, blow flies and the most ordinary house flies. Each type of fly may have different treatment the steps in eliminating them are all the same.
  • Controlling flies begin with preventing them to get inside your restaurant. Ensure that there is no garbage can outside your establishment and make sure that doors and windows are always close. Put fly baits near garbage and trash cans.
  • Use fly traps inside your business but make sure customers don’t see it.
  • Keep drains and sink always clean as they are the most common fly breeding sites. Use insecticides near food area to avoid fruit flies. Make sure that the insecticides will not harm the foods and kitchen utensils in your restaurant.

How to get rid of rodents in your business:

Rats and mouse can let themselves in through tiny holes and cracks.

  • Seal all holes and other entry points where rat may pass by.
  • Keep surrounding clean and tidy especially the kitchen area where foods are kept and cooked.
  • Place mouse traps and baits to catch and kill mouse. Place them where rats are found.

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